Vicious pair jailed for sword and dagger slashing in Fife


A man and woman have been jailed for carrying out a horrific sword and dagger attack in Kirkcaldy.

Leeanne Napier and Mark Wilson, both 36, were sentenced for the attempted murder of a 48-year-old man in Miller Street.

Napier (pictured) and Wilson went to the victim’s home at around 4pm on 21st April about an ongoing dispute. As soon as he opened the door, they began their attack.

The victim attempted to run back into the property, where he was followed and where Napier and Wilson continued to stab and slash him.

The man, who sustained a number of serious injuries to his face and body, managed to take hold of one of the weapons and the duo have fled the property.

Members of the public contacted police after seeing the victim in the street covered in blood.

On a search of the area a Samurai-style sword, was found hidden in the hedge of a property.

At Glasgow High Court, Wilson was sentenced to 12 years in jail and Napier was given 10 years.

The judge Lady Rae described their actions as “a vicious premeditated and unprovoked attack”.

She went on, “It is aggravated by the fact that, before the assault, you evinced ill will and malice towards your intended victim and both of you went armed with lethal weapons to your victim’s home, forcing your way in.”

She continued, “During the attack you repeatedly struck him with a sword and knives with the intent of causing him serious and disfiguring injuries.

“In view of the jury’s verdict it is clear that you either intended to kill or acted in such a way that you cared not whether your victim lived or died.

“Neither of you gave evidence and from the evidence before me this appeared to be a motiveless attack. Neither of you has shown any remorse whatsoever.

“Mr Wilson, you have an unenviable record of previous convictions for a man of only 36 years. I have counted 68 convictions libelling 139 separate offences.

“You have been convicted of five offences of violence, seven for the carrying or use of weapons and you have appeared on indictment nine times, mostly for non-analogous offences.

“Miss Napier, you have pleaded guilty to a second charge of assaulting another female by dragging her for from a car then punching and kicking her.”

Detective Constable Sam Girdwood of Kirkcaldy CID, said, “This was a vicious and sustained attack which has left the victim with permanent scarring to his face and body.

“Such violence on our streets is unacceptable. This incident caused serious alarm to the local community, and we welcome a custodial sentence for Napier and Wilson.

“I want to commend and thank the members of the public who called police and quickly helped us establish the movements of Napier and Wilson.

“This enabled us to secure vital evidence and swiftly trace both the weapons and those responsible.”



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