Woman jailed for hitting sleeping partner over head with bottle


A Kirkcaldy woman has been jailed for smashing a bottle over her partner’s head as he slept after a drinking session.

Linda Kerr then attacked the victim with broken glass injuring him further.

Kerr (53) appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and was jailed for two years.

The court heard Kerr had a violent past including a previous conviction for attempted murder.

She admitted that on 3rd April at Forth View, Kirkcaldy, she assaulted Martin Cech, her then partner, repeatedly struck him on the head with a glass bottle, causing it to smash then repeatedly struck him on the body with a piece of the broken glass to his injury.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner previously told the court that the couple lived next door to each other in a block of flats and had been in a relationship for two years.

On the day of the assault, the two of them had finished off a six litre bottle of cider in her home before Cech went out for more alcohol.

They continued drinking in the bedroom of her home and by around 8pm the complainer was feeling drowsy and fell asleep on the bed.

“He was woken up by a glass bottle being smashed over his head. He jumped to his feet and the accused continue to try to harm him with the broken bottle,” said the depute.

“He was struck on the left arm.”

Kerr was shouting, “F*** you, you creep” at her partner who was trying to keep her away from him.

Kerr was detained the next day and told police she could recall little about the incident as she had been drunk.

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Kerr, “This was an assault with a weapon on your partner. You have an appalling record of violence dating back 30 years. This included a conviction for attempted murder at the High Court in 2003.
“The public and in particular any partner you have needs to be protected.”

He jailed Kerr for two years and after her prison term she will be subject to a one-year supervised release order.

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