After more than six tortuous years: Fife family still seeking answers over missing son


Renewed calls have been made to the Scottish Government and Police Scotland to finally find answers in the case of missing Fife man Allan Bryant.

Allan, from Glenrothes, was last seen outside Styx Nightclub in the town at 2.02am on 3rd November 2013.

Allan was 23 at the time. The venue’s CCTV showed him standing outside then walking off.

Earlier he had been with friends at a party at Leslie Golf Club.

Since then, life for his family has been a living nightmare as they have waited in vain for any news about what happened to Allan.

They are still waiting almost seven long and tortuous years later.

A new petition has been launched calling for action from Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf and Police Scotland chief constable Iain Livingstone. It has been signed by over 12,500 people and forwarded to minister and the police.

The petition states, “We firmly believe that the investigation has been handled badly, and unprofessionally since it’s inception on 4th November 2013. That Allan Jnr, and the Bryant family, have been failed, and continue to be failed by Fife Constabulary.”

The missing man’s heartbroken dad Allan Bryant senior wrote a letter to accompany the petition.

It states, “Find attached a Petition with over 12,500 signatures in support of my son and my family. Allan Bryant Jnr, has been missing (presumed dead by our family) for over 6 years.

“Apparently the investigation has been the biggest missing person enquiry in Fife Region, although on the other side of the coin, it is sad to say that it has not been the most successful, nor handled to the Constabulary’s best ability, in fact it has been handled very badly indeed.

“I have previously written to the First Minister, and was answered by the then Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill and later by Michael Mathison.

“They both trot out the platitude that Police Scotland have “assured me they are doing all they can in the search for your son and that proactive local enquiries are on-going in an effort to trace Allan”.

“I would seriously beg to differ here, and I am sure you both will too when you read the details and facts below. He also advised me to speak with my Family Liaison Officer : We haven’t had one for over 2 years now!!

“As the documents attached show only the signatures and comments , and not the point of the petition itself, I am listing below WHY this petition is in existence, and WHY a new Police Scotland Division is being requested to take over this investigation.

“I think it would do you both good to read the comments attached and see just what public opinion is regarding how this investigation has been handled. I should also point out that complaints have already been made by my family to Police Scotland Professional Standards Dept, and to PIRC.”

He went on, “Complaints have previously been made by the Bryant family to Police Scotland’s Professional Standards Dept. in 2016, and also to PIRC in 2017.

“The Professional Standards Dept and PIRC have each upheld several, sometimes differing, parts of the complaints. Detailed below are what are what we deem as failings, and unprofessional conduct, by Fife Constabulary and their MIT.

“In light of these, and in light of Fife Constabulary taking an excessive, and unacceptable, amount of time to respond to the Bryant family regarding the PIRC findings: We advise that all faith in Fife Constabulary has been lost and are seeking to have you instruct a different Police Scotland Division to gather and scrutinise all data Fife Constabulary and their MIT hold pertaining to this investigation, and to subsequently take over the investigation.”


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  1. Tam paton says:

    Let’s get answers

  2. Christine brown says:

    Your need your boy back x

  3. Sue peak says:

    I’m so sorry

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