Jailed for attacking and spitting on police officers at Victoria Hospital



A 31-year-old man, who attacked police officers at Kirkcaldy’s Victoria Hospital, has been jailed. 

A sheriff reminded Paul Bilan that sick patients in hospital need a calm environment around them not violence. 

Bilan, currently prisoner at Perth, had also committed earlier offences in Kirkcaldy. 

Bilan, who has a history of violent offending, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court having previously admitted a string of crimes. 

On 23rd January at Dunsire Street, Kirkcaldy, he shouted, swore, punched a microwave, damaged a mobile phone and struck a TV with his hand. 

On 27th February he breached bail conditions by entering an address in Dunsire Street. 

On 4th August, at the Victoria Hospital, he assaulted a police officer by attempting to spit on him. 

He also assaulted a second officer by spitting on him. 

Bilan then assaulted a female constable by repeatedly kicking her. 

He further admitted that he repeatedly shouted, swore, struggled with police officers, made threats of violence and uttered offensive remarks. 

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Bilan, “You are appearing on indictment for violent offences for the fourth time. 

“Spitting on someone is a contemptible way to behave. It dehumanises the victim and then you repeatedly kicked a female officer.

“You did all this at a hospital where people go because they are unwell and patients there need as a calm an environment as possible.”

The sheriff jailed Bilan for 22 months, backdated to 5th August when he was taken into custody.


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