Drink-driver crashed when almost 7 times over the limit


A Fife drink-driver, who was involved in a collision with another vehicle when he was almost seven times over the limit, has avoided jail. 

Lorne Anderson’s car ended up in a field after he got behind the wheel drunk at the New Year. 

A sheriff was shocked by the alcohol reading, saying it was one of the highest he had ever seen.

Anderson (40), of Brands Row, Crossgates, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. 

He previously admitted that on 2nd January on the B981 road between Crossgates and Cowdenbeath, he drove a car having consumed excess alcohol. His reading was 148 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit being 22 microgrammes. 

Depute Carrie Stevens said the incident occurred at around 7.30pm when the road conditions were icy.  

“The accused had been driving and was involved in an accident with another vehicle. As a result an ambulance and police attended,” she went on. 

Anderson, who works as a gardener, was taken to Dunfermline police station where breath test procedures were carried out. 

Defence solicitor Roshni Joshi said, “It’s not lost on Mr Anderson that this is an extremely serious matter given the reading. 

“He’s a first offender at 40-years-old and is extremely embarrassed. He realises it could have led to much more serious consequences than it did.” 

Sheriff Charles MacNair was unimpressed by Anderson omitting to tell the social workers that he had been in collision with another vehicle, saying instead he had just hit a fence post. 

Ms Joshi said, “He says now that he accepts he clipped the wing mirror of another vehicle and his car ended up in a field.” 

Sheriff MacNair told Anderson, “This was an extremely high reading. More than six times the limit and one of the highest I’ve seen.” 

He added it was only his early plea and the fact he was a first offender that prevented him from being jailed. 

Instead, the sheriff imposed a community payback order with 300 hours of unpaid work and banned him from driving for two years. He also ordered forfeiture of Anderson’s car.


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2 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    Yet another let off. All the time that has waisted of all the emergency services over this case and does not even have to pay that back. Make no wonder that they can’t provide the service we need, when money is wasted on thought less people like this. They should be billed for the time they used when the emergency services could of been doing other work. Maybe the courts need to take this into the account in future.

  2. JC says:

    Extremely lenient! Should have been jailed! The drunkard totaled that other car I heard!! He’s lying. Way too soft on crime around here. Agree with previous comment. Should have been thousands of ££££ fine!! Jail

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