Early release thug stabs man in back just three days later



A serial offender stabbed a man twice in the back with a screwdriver in Fife after being given early release from jail just three days before.

A sheriff said it was only through luck that the victim was not killed.

Rhys Marshall also left a woman permanently scarred during the same incident in Methil by throwing a bottle at the window she was standing at, showering her with glass.

The bottle shattered the window and as the bleeding woman screamed, Marshall launched a vicious stabbing attack on a man who challenged him.

The incident occurred when Marshall, carrying two bottles of alcohol, was refused entry to a house party.

Marshall (24), currently a prisoner at Edinburgh, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on 14th April at Stewart Court, Methil, he culpably and recklessly threw a bottle at a window which Elizabeth Simpson was standing behind, causing the window and bottle to smash and shower her with glass, to her injury and permanent disfigurement.

He also admitted that at Stewart Court he assaulted Dillon Findleton by repeatedly striking him with a screwdriver to his injury.

He further admitted that on 21st April at the Co-op store, Methilhaven Road, Methil, he stole a quantity of alcohol.

Appearing alongside him in the dock was Craig Drummond, 27, also a prisoner at Edinburgh, who admitted separate offences.

He admitted that on 21st April he broke into commercial premises owned by Nazar Ali at Methilhaven Road, Methil, with intent to steal.

He also admitted that on the same day at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, he was illegally in possession of a knife.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said that at 7.30pm on 14th April a birthday party was taking place in Stewart Court.

A male had gone outside and was sick in the communal hallway. Marshall approached him carrying a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Buckfast. There was then a discussion between a woman from the flat where the party was taking place and Marshall who asked who she was.

She did not tell him and instead asked who he was. Witnesses described Marshall as being “drunk and obnoxious” and when he tried to go into the party he was asked to go away.

He was removed from the door area and the woman was standing looking out of the window to see what was happening when Marshall threw a bottle. The window smashed and she was showered with glass, sustaining injuries.

These included cuts to her chin which needed stitched and will leave permanent scars.

She started screaming and two people left the flat to go outside to confront Marshall who responded by stabbing one of them twice in the back.

The victim Dillon Findleton was also taken to the Victoria Hospital with wounds to his back but there was no internal damage caused.

Defence solicitor Martin McGuire said his client wanted to apologise to the victims. He said Marshall had been visiting a friend in a flat above where the party was being held.

Sheriff Charles MacNair said it was “only by the greatest of good fortune” that the stabbing “did not cause very, very serious injury or death”.

He sent Marshall back to jail to serve six months of the last sentence and he was given another 19 months for this latest offending.

In the incidents involving Drummond, the owner of commercial premises was contacted to say people were acting suspiciously there.

When he arrived he found two males in the building and called the police. When officers arrived Drummond ran outside holding a bottle of alcohol.

He fell over, the bottle smashed and he sustained a badly cut hand which resulted in him being taken to hospital by ambulance. When he was there a knife was found in his trousers pocket and he was taken to the police station.

Sheriff MacNair said, “This may have been a cack-handed attempt at stealing but is still an attempt and you had a knife in a public place.”

He jailed Drummond for 13-and-a-half months.


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