Dangerous driving: Fife schoolboys were run over in bus horror

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  1. Lee M says:

    Same driver who smashed into me July 2016! I was turning left into the Glenrothes Park, was cars queued from the park entrance all right up to the round about so I slowed down, put my indicators on, turned in and he smashed right into the rear of my car in his single decker bus. I admitted to the police I was driving 40mph up that road instead of 30, however he in his bus chased me with less than a cars length between up and this was the result. He tried to say I was driving in the other side of the road heading towards him, cut right in front of him and he hit me. We went to court and were told he accepted a plea after he had been caught by his own buses CCTV about his lies. We were all sent away and no one heard anything of this case or him since.

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