What cut-backs? Happy days for Fife Council’s fat cats



Fife Council chief executive Steve Grimmond will not be feeling the pinch at this time of local authority cut-backs.

Grimmond is on a £196,982-a-year package, which includes his £149,646 salary and pension.

With community facilities cut to the bone and many Fifers using food banks, the cooncil ‘high heid yins’ feature prominently in a newly-released league table of top-earners.

It shows the years of austerity have had little impact on the fat cats.

Fife’s chief executive is the 15th highest paid in Scotland in a ‘rich list’ of local authority employees released by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Another 11 Fife Council staff are on more than £100,000 a year, compared with seven in Angus and five in both Dundee and Perth and Kinross.

Grimmond’s bulging pay packet compares well with that of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who earns around £154,000 a year.




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2 Responses

  1. Chic says:

    I believe its £213,000 pounds he gets plus £14,000 for being in charge of elections ,plus 17% of his salary each year goes into his pension pot .greedy b.

  2. Robert says:

    amagin how many jobs his wage could pay for,reading this makes me sick an wile every ones in hard times,what’s so special about him to get such a big pay packet,corrupiton at its best,the rich get richer wile the poor stay poor,absolutely shocking,

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