Teenager sentenced for punching community payback supervisor


A teenage repeat offender, who punched his community payback supervisor, has been given a nine-month custodial sentence. 

Christopher Roberts (19) was supposed to be doing unpaid work when he struck the council worker in an incident captured on CCTV. 

Roberts was also involved in another offence when he caused a disturbance looking for a drugs debt to be paid to him. 

Roberts, of Rosewell Drive, Lochore, was back in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. 

He admitted that on 24th August at Fife Council, Dickson Street, Dunfermline, he assaulted Brian Gillespie, his community payback supervisor, by punching him and knocking him to the ground. 

He also admitted that on 4th April at Kirkland Avenue, Ballingry, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, demanding money and punching a door, causing damage to it. 

The court was shown the CCTV of the supervisor and Roberts having a brief discussion in the council yard before the teenager threw a punch. 

The supervisor was knocked over and spent some time on the ground as others went to his assistance. 

Depute fiscal Claire Kennedy told the court the verbal exchange had been about Roberts not wearing a high-visibility vest in the yard, as was required.  

“He took exception to the supervisor advising him of this,” she added. 

In the latter offence, Roberts had gone to the house and started shouting, “Give me my f****** money”. When he was handed £10 he shouted, “That’s not f****** good enough”. 

Roberts then punched a hole in a door causing £100 damage. 

The court heard that Roberts had told social workers that he had been at the house to collect drugs money owed to him. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair commented, “Perhaps he thinks that’s a perfectly acceptable part of his business enterprise and shouldn’t be open to criticism.” 

The sheriff told Roberts assaults such as the one on the supervisor would not be tolerated by the courts. 

He added, “The court will not tolerate drug dealers using abusive or violent behaviour in order to illegally collect illegal debts. 

“You’ve got a bad record and have been on community payback orders most of your adult life.” 

He imposed custodial sentences of 160 days for the assault plus another four months for the Ballingry offence. 

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