Punch outside nightclub results in £4000 compensation bill


A drunken punch outside a nightclub has landed a Dunfermline man with a £4000 compensation bill. 

Alexander McNair will have to pay for the dental repairs caused by his assault. 

McNair had already been put out of the club when he charged at the door trying to get back in.  

When a “peacekeeper” tried to calm him down he was punched and had two teeth knocked out. 

McNair, 20, of Bennachie Way, previously admitted that on 12th November last year at Kirkgate, he assaulted a man by punching him on the head to his injury. 

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf previously told the court that McNair had been in a group of people who had been ejected from Life nightclub at 1am. 

The complainer had not been ejected but went outside trying to act as a “peacemaker”, added the depute. 

“He saw the accused charging at the door and stood in front of him. He put his hands on his chest to calm him down,” said Ms Yousaf. 

“He was then punched once on the face and the accused walked off.” 

The incident was captured on the town centre CCTV system and an operator contacted the police. 

When officers arrived at the scene they found the victim with blood coming from his mouth and two lower teeth missing. 

The sentencing had been on numerous occasions since last year to find out how much the dental work would cost and to give McNair time to find work.

 Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said, “There had been a difficulty between two groups within the nightclub and some people had been invited to leave by the door staff.” 

McNair was also being sentenced for other offences which involved his former partner. 

He admitted that on 5th June at Chapelfauld Green, Dunfermline, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, striking a door and refusing to leave when asked to do so. 

He repeatedly contacted his former partner by Snapchat, text message and a phone call, making threats to reveal personal information, threatened to kill himself and made abusive comments. 

He also admitted that on 25th June he breached a bail condition imposed on 12th June not to contact or communicate with his former partner by being found in her company. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair imposed community payback orders with a total of 285 hours of unpaid work and told him to pay £4000 compensation to the victim.


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