Jailed for trying to break into house with crowbar


A thief has been jailed for breaking into a Fife man’s sheds then using the tools to try to smash his way into the house.

The householder returned home at 6.30am to find drug addict Alexander Dow outside his home.

When asked what he was up to, Dow said he “just wanted a blether”.

Dow (32), a prisoner at Perth, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He had been given early release from his previous jail term when he committed his latest offences.

He admitted that on 2nd July he broke into three garden sheds in an address in Ballingry Road, Ballingry, and stole a lawn mower, a grass strimmer and a quantity of tools.

He also forced upon a door in an attempt to break into the house at the same address, with intent to steal.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner said, “At 2.30am the householder, who was not at home, received a phone call from a neighbour to inform him that Dow was in his back garden.”

When returned home at 6.30am with a friend they saw Dow, who was asked what he was doing there.

“He said he just wanted to have a blether,” added the depute. The man then saw there was damage to his front door and asked what had happened to it.

“The accused denied any knowledge and said he would have to leave to go to work.”

The victim discovered extensive damage to the front door and when he checked his CCTV system he saw video of Dow trying to break in via the front door.

The video also showed Dow suddenly stopping. He dropped the tools, a hammer and a crowbar, jumped over a fence and began speaking to the man whose home he was trying to rob.

When the householder checked his sheds they had been broken and a lawn mower and strimmer worth £400 had been stolen.

When later detained by police Dow said he “didn’t have clue” about the offences as he had been taking drugs at the time.

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison admitted his client had an unenviable record and had been misusing Valium and heroin at the time of the offences.

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Dow, “You have the most appalling record, much of which is drug related or crimes of dishonesty to fund your drug habit.”

He jailed Dow for 17 months.

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