Motorist who hit 120mph on Fife road avoids ban

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7 Responses

  1. Henry says:

    If they let one driver off with ban, they should let all drivers of with a band. What example is this going to show him and others. If he lost control of the car, it would of been game over for him. Running late to play in a football match is no excuse for speeding. Should of had the book throw at him to make an example to others. The inconvenience losing his licence should be the punishment. That would made him think twice one he was back on the road again. £700 and 5 points is nothing for 120mph.

  2. Katherine says:

    I wonder how much of an inconvenience a 120mph crash would have been ? 5 pounts and a fine ? Absolute joke really

  3. chic says:

    the idiot should have been banned and ordered to resit his driving test losing his licence would have been an inconveniance ,it would have been a bigger inconveniance if he had killed someone the pf should apeal the decision and get it took back to court

  4. lesley says:

    £700 is nothing to someone living at Linn Mill either

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    Totally inappropriate punishment , how are people going to learn not to break the rules if they don’t get punished at all. this is a joke sentence, and to say the road is quiet at this time of the morning , is total shit cause its very busy at this time. sounds like the sheriffs a family friend and been very lenient with this young man , absolute disgrace


    How many fitba matches are there at 6am pray tell.

  7. David Brown says:

    If he was riding a motorcycle doing 120 he would have been jailed! The law is a joke!!

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