Woman accused of attacking police with knife


A 47-year-old Dunfermline woman is in custody following an incident which saw police cordon off streets and surround a house.

The woman is alleged to have attacked two police officers by repeatedly striking them with a knife. 

The incident occurred at around 4.45pm on Thursday as local people in Abbeyview looked on. 

June Bradley, of Trondheim Parkway, appeared from custody on petition at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

She is accused of acting in a threatening or abusive manner in Trondheim Parkway on 2nd November by repeatedly making phone calls to the ambulance service, acting aggressively and making offensive remarks. 

It is also alleged she brandished a knife, refused entry to police officers and repeatedly struck curtains and the door with the knife. 

It is further alleged that Bradley assaulted two police constables by repeatedly striking them on the head with the knife. 

Bradley made no plea and was remanded in custody.


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