Chinese take-away worker spat on after ‘mad’ jibe


A Dunfermline man is behind bars following a disturbance at a hot food shop in the town.

Ian Bowie became upset at being called ‘mad’ as he waited for his Chinese take-away. 

The row escalated and ended with a female worker being spat on. 

Bowie (58), of Izatt Avenue, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He admitted that on 27th July at the Wan Lam Chinese take-away, Baldridgeburn, he assaulted a woman by spitting on her face and that he committed this offence having been granted bail on 19th July. 

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said his client had regularly attended the take-away in the past without any trouble but there had been a change of management. 

“The original fall-out was not with the complainer but with her husband. He wasn’t working there but was sitting about in the shop at the time. 

“The husband had made a comment about ‘Mad Bowzer’ which he reacted to.” 

Sentence was deferred for reports until 11th October and bail was refused.

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