Little dog put down after being “launched” by kick

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22 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Goodwillie and Bissett should b band from having any pets in the future. How cruel were they. I just don’t understand how people could treat poor lovely animals in such a way, makes me so angry

  2. Jill hopkins says:

    These things should be banned from keeping animals for life.

  3. Alison says:

    How can any court not ban these pair from ever owning another animal, they were responsible for the poor souls death, it should be a lifetime BAN

  4. M Lowry says:

    Sadistic, disgusting, weak minded scum!

  5. Nicola mciver says:

    Disgusting, shouldnt be allowed to have any more animals in their care as they obviously don’t know how to treat an animal humanely

  6. Lorraine Oliver says:

    I’d gladly love to do the same to her. This is sickening, that poor animal, what suffering it must have gone through, it’s Heart breaking 😠😠😠

  7. Brian says:

    It was myself who reported goodwullie to the police as I was the security officer on site at the time . The poor animal was in major distress on the cctv footage and goodwullie treated it in a vile and disgusting manor .
    This man deserves to be hanged .
    Dirty low life that he is .

  8. Liz says:

    They should never be allowed to have any animals ever.What did that little dog do to deserve ill treatment as bad as That?

  9. Helen Wells says:

    Sick bastards…the law is so wrong…thry should be locked up😣

  10. Stephen Martin says:

    “Robert Goodwillie (26), of Broomhead Drive, admitted he was possession of indecent images of children between 1st May and 7th October last year.
    At Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Goodwillie was put on a community payback order with 250 hours of unpaid work and 12 months supervision by Sheriff Simon Collins.”

    What is the point of this person?

  11. Ross McKinnes says:

    Yuck, look at the horrific genetics on display here. I’m no nazi, but these 2 are a walking advert for some sort of human eugenics program, they will always be scum , it’s in their very DNA.

  12. Wenny says:

    They need a ban in place as this kinda behaviour is not on!! Ian Brady started like this with dogs then worked his way into children!! They need watched from now on in as they are both clearly sick in the head !!

  13. Liz says:

    Just give them a pit bull dog. Don’t think they will get very far with that (be sure it is an adult, from the pound).

  14. Eileen Robinson says:

    Why are they allowed to keep any animals, what planet are we on?
    They caused unnecessary suffering probably throughout this poor dog’s life. What cowards and this so called punishment is appalling!!

  15. Corinne Clegg says:

    Why the hell have the not been locked up what’s up with the courts and they should never be able to keep any more pets they are scum bags hope someone gives them both a good kicking.

  16. Denise Murray says:

    There should be a lifetime ban on owing any pet

  17. Pat Ashmore says:

    All this information re how badly this poor little dog has been treated for months????? Any pathetic person who was aware of this and let it continue should be ashamed of themselves.. Makes my blood boil!!!!! 😭 It’s about time the punishment re animal cruelty fits the crime!!!..Definitely Should Ban the Barstewards from having any animal for Life!!!

  18. Eve says:

    The sheriff should stand down from his post if he is not willing to hand out a sentence befitting the crime. Disgusting, how on gods earth could the sheriff not ban them from having animals???? Absolutely unbelievable.

  19. Dan says:

    Evil incarnate…these demonic cretins should be put in medieval stocks in public and left there for a week at the mercy of the public

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