Fife man jailed for knife attack on car driver



A 24-year-old Dunfermline man has been jailed for a late-night knife attack on a car driver.

The victim was stabbed in the leg and, with blood pouring from his wounds, tried to drive himself to hospital but almost passed out at the wheel.

The Dunfermline incident was captured on CCTV operated from the Broomhead flats.

Liam Kinch was filmed attacking the driver then walking back to the block where he lived and video then showed him standing waiting for the lift.

After a jury trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court last month, Kinch, of Broomhead Drive, was found guilty.

He was convicted of a charge that on 25th February last year at Broomhead Drive, whilst acting with another, he assaulted David Bunting by repeatedly punching him on the head and repeatedly struck him on the leg with a knife or similar implement, all to his severe injury.

The incident happened in the early hours of the morning. CCTV video showed two men running towards the car after it had stopped on the main road outside the flats.

The pair then walked back into the building, with one of them holding a knife.

Mr Bunting told the court he and a friend had come through from the Glasgow area where they live to visit some people in Fife.

He said the attack happened when he was sitting in his car eating take-away food he had bought.

“Words were said and then everything kicked off,” said Mr Bunting. “One of the boys tried to open the driver’s door but I managed to pull it shut.

“They got the door open again. I remember getting stabbed in my leg and punched in the face. I was stabbed and slashed.”

He sustained two wounds which both required stitches at hospital.

Asked by depute fiscal Alex Kirk about what happened after the attack, the witness said, “I might have drove a wee bit then I was passing out.”

His friend took over at the wheel and they went to the Queen Margaret Hospital before Mr Bunting was transferred to the Victoria in Kirkcaldy.

Cross-examined by defence solicitor Ian Beatson, Mr Bunting denied that the purpose of his visit to Fife that night was the illegal sale of alcohol.

Asked about the weapon used in the incident, Mr Bunting said, “It was a big knife.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair jailed Kinch for 30 months and he will also be subject to a 12-month supervised release order on leaving prison.

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