Jailed for shouting racist abuse at Russian chef


A drunk, who shouted racist abuse at a Russian chef having a break from his work at a Dunfermline restaurant, has been jailed.

Richard Brown shouted and swore at the man saying, “Immigrants are taking our jobs”.

Brown, who has been out of work for three years, had been out drinking with other residents from a homeless hostel.

He later said he was so drunk he could not remember the incident, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard.

Brown (41), of the James Bank Hostel, Dunfermline, admitted that on 6th April at Dunfermline High Street he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, making threatening gestures and uttering abusive remarks and that the offence was racially motivated.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said, “The complainer was working that night at Carlucci’s restaurant as a chef in the High Street. He was having a break and went into a side alley to have a cigarette.

“At 9.15pm the accused approached him in the alley and started to shout and swear at him. People in the restaurant could hear something was happening outside.

“He started making derogatory comments. The complainer apologised for his inability to speak good English.

“The complainer began to walk away and the accused began to follow him.”

Brown was shouting, “Immigrants are taking our jobs. How can you not speak English?”

Brown then began to shout to a group of males passing by. He shouted, “Foreign b******* shouldn’t be in this country,” he ranted.

Brown was identified from CCTV cameras in the town centre and detained later.

Defence solicitor Jenny Simpson said, “He’s utterly ashamed of his actions. He had been out with people from the hostel and had been drinking alcohol. He can’t remember the incident.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Brown, “It’s somewhat ironic someone who has not worked for three years because he drinks too much complains that this hard-working man from Russia is taking a job.

“If you didn’t drink so much, you could have a job. Racial abuse of this sort will not be tolerated.” He jailed Brown for 100 days.


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