Fife sex offender who preyed on young schoolgirls is jailed again


A sex offender, previously jailed for preying on young Fife schoolgirls on the internet, has been jailed again after being caught with indecent images of children. 

When police raided his house, Graham King admitted to officers that he had “tons” of child porn on his devices. 

Some of the sick movies were in the ‘A’ category, which covers the most serious type of material. 

King (54), from Glenrothes and currently a prisoner at Perth, was back at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. He was jailed there in 2010 for offences carried out when living in Cairneyhill. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair said, “It seems to me on the face of it that he poses a serious threat.” 

The sheriff told King, “There were the worst types of film on your devices. 

“It’s happily quite rare to see repeat offending of this nature. You were previously placed on an extended sentence including supervision but that does not seem to have prevented your offending.” 

He jailed King for 16 months, backdated to when he was taken into custody on 21st April. This means he will be released before the end of the year. 

The sheriff imposed a sexual offences prevention order for an indefinite period and King is also on the sex offenders register. 

He previously admitted his latest offences, committed between 13th March and 26th April at Queen Margaret Drive, Glenrothes, where he was in possession of indecent images of children. 

Depute fiscal Kyrsten Buist said police received intelligence about indecent images of children being accessed and inquiries led them to King’s home after obtaining a warrant. 

“His wife answered the door and the accused was in the back garden,” the depute continued. 

On being told why the officers were there, King said, “It’ll be me and it’ll be on that,” pointing at a tablet. 

He went on, “That’s got tons on it. That’s going to f*** me.” 

Indecent images and movies were found on the tablet and also on King’s mobile phone. 

On the tablet there was one category B image and 35 category C images. The phone had 23 category C images. 

The tablet also had illegal movies on it, three at category A, four at category B and five at category C. 

In 2010, King was jailed for a year at the same court after preying on local schoolgirls using internet chat lines and sending them indecent images via his webcam. 

He told one girl that he was 18 and from Milesmark. He told the girl she was “gorgeous” and tried to get her telephone number.

He admitted sending pictures of himself committing a sex act on himself to three 12-year-old girls.


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  1. Avril currie says:

    His choice of words when caught makes me think his wife knows what hes talking about. Especially since this is not the first time he has offended. I worked with his wife as she was the manager of a school nursery/ playgroup. I reported her to the care inspectorate because of ber treatment towards the children and resigned from my job. I also raised the concern about her husbands past and worried it might have something to do with the manner in which she treated the children. I was incredibly let down by the care inspectorate as i got the impression they didnt want to go near the case with a bargepole. I was being fobbed off right left and centre with everyone passingthe buck. I contacted care inspectorate, social service and even the police. I felt like i was not being taking seriously and in the end was told she cant be held accountable for his crimes. I understand this but she supports him and he is still offending, she works with preschool kids and i think there should be stricter screening. Especially for those ie spouse, who willfully choose to continue to live with a convicted peadophile. It enrages me that he has offended again and she still lives with him but is allowed to work with kids. Where is that right??

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