Fife man’s web-cam sex chat with 14-year-old boy



A Fife man has appeared in court for encouraging a 14-year-old boy to perform sex acts while watching him on-line.

David Angus was told that children needed to be protected from adults who prey on them, when he appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Angus (25), of Blairadam, Kelty, previously admitted the offence committed on 14th May 2015 at Blairadam Crescent, Kelty.

He sent a sexual written communication to a child by exchanging messages of a sexual nature with him and intentionally caused him to participate in a sexual activity by asking him to masturbate while a web camera was trained on him while he watched this transmission.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said of Angus, “His family are supportive of him and his wife is with him today in court.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Angus, “The offence you pled guilty to was of a very unpleasant and serious nature.

“In particular, having regard to the difference in age between you and the victim.

“In my view, it was quite clear to you that you were talking to a child but you continued.

“This sort of behaviour cannot be tolerated even where, as here, the child does not appear to have suffered any particular harm and he was encouraging you at points because the fact remains he is a child and children require protection.

“Their naivety and immaturity cannot be preyed upon by adults.”

He imposed a community payback order with three years’ supervision, 135 hours of unpaid work and a four-month restriction of liberty order.

Angus will also be on the sex offenders register for five years.

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