Family dog destroyed after biting neighbour


A pet Rottweiler, which twice bit a neighbour, has been put down following a court destruction order.

The next-door neighbour had gone to deliver a letter wrongly put through his door when he was bitten on the hand.

The dog had also been made subject of a control order after it attacked and injured a Jack Russell terrier.

Sarah Rollo (40), of McClelland Crescent, Dunfermline, admitted she was the owner of a Rottweiler dog, which was out of control and bit her neighbour on the body causing injury.

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard the dog was called Franco, a male, black and tan Rottweiler.

At 1.30pm the neighbour had attended at the door to deliver a letter which had been put through his door by mistake.

After the door was answered by a child, the dog appeared and bit the neighbour on the right hand.

The injured man went to Queen Margaret Hospital where his wounds were cleaned, bandaged and he was given anti-biotics.

The sheriff was told that the same neighbour had bitten by the dog on a previous occasion when he also required hospital treatment.

Defence solicitor Jenny Simpson had told the court last month, “The dog is two-and-a-half years old and is now owned by her daughter.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair had said, “It’s always sad and distressing for the court to order the destruction of a dog but I do have to have regard to the protection of the public.”

After being handed notification from a veterinary practice that the dog had been put down, the sheriff ordered Rollo to pay £300 compensation to her neighbour.

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