Stalker’s vicious attack on ex-partner’s dog


A stalker’s campaign against his former partner ended with him violently attacking her dog. 

The woman’s neighbours in Lochgelly heard the dog squealing in agony during the assault. 

Anthony Wagstaff or Dior (30), of Rayleigh, Essex, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He had admitted that on various occasions between 1st June 2016 and on 3rd March last year at Paul Street, Lochgelly, he engaged in a course of conduct which caused his former partner, fear or alarm. 

He repeatedly contacted her or attempted to contact her by telephone and social media, persistently sent her messages and mobile phone calls, attended at her flat, loitered outside, approached her, shouted at her, made offensive remarks and refused to leave. 

He also admitted that on 3rd March at Paul Street, Lochgelly, he caused a dog unnecessary suffering by repeatedly striking it on its head and body, causing injury to the animal. 

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said the couple had been in a relationship for three years and had lived together in Essex. However, they split up and the women came to live in Fife in January 2016. 

There had not been in contact until around June that year when the woman went on holiday in Mexico and she was sent repeated messages by him. 

“He was saying she owed him another chance. When she returned home she continued to receive more and more messages on a daily basis,” said Mr Kapadia. 

“He said he was going to move to Scotland to be closer to her.” 

When he moved to Fife in July 2016 the woman allowed him to stay with for two weeks before he found another place and he slept in the living room. 

He started working at Amazon and found a place to live and continued to contact his former partner. 

The situation came to a head on 3rd March when Dior was seen outside his partner’s home at 7.30am. 

When the woman left her house, Dior shouted at her calling her “a bitch” and followed her. 

“She told him to leave her alone and never to go back there. At around 10.40am neighbours heard a dog squealing and loud bangs from the house. 

“An hour later the dog was found curled up in ball, crying in pain and there was blood in its urine.” 

A vet was contacted as well the police. Dior called to apologise and say he was going back to Essex. 

The dog was found to have a cut lip and bruising to its genitals. 

Defence solicitor Elaine Buist said, “It was a strange sort of relationship. His name is Wagstaff but they when they were in Essex going out to clubs attended by people from TV reality shows changed names to Dior. 

“The whole end of the relationship has been disturbing for him.” 

Sheriff Craig McSherry fined Dior £700 and imposed a two-year non-harassment order.

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