Fake bank notes warning in Fife


Fifers have been warned to beware being given counterfeit bank notes after a spate of recent incidents.

On Friday, a private hire driver in Glenrothes reported that a customer used a fake £20 note to pay for a fare.

Three further fraudulent £20 notes were used to pay for goods a the Booker Cash and Carry in Kirkcaldy over the weekend before similar notes were used at a Shell filling station on Tuesday.

Two further incidents were reported to police yesterday. A man attempted to buy goods using fake £50 notes at both the Sainsbury’s filling station and Next store at the Fife Central Retail Park in Kirkcaldy.

For Police Scotland, Sergeant Chris Mutter said, “While many of these notes can appear genuine at first glance, if they are appropriately scrutinised or tested they will be confirmed as fraudulent and counter staff should be mindful of inspecting currency thoroughly before accepting it.

“Any customers who come in and try to use counterfeit currency to purchase goods should be reported to police immediately and where possible staff should try to retain the notes so they can be analysed during our inquiries.”

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