Amazon worker sentenced for stealing goods


A former Amazon worker, who admitted being involved in stealing cameras and electrical goods worth up to £5000, has been sentenced. 

The stolen items were added to packages before they were sent out. 

The scam resulted in a court appearance for Marc Hughes (29), of Crosshill and Ross Penman (26), of Cowdenbeath. 

They both admitted that between 1st and 27th March at Amazon, Amazon Way, Dunfermline, they stole a quantity of camera equipment and electrical items. 

Hughes was placed on a community payback order with 200 hours of unpaid work. He was also put on a six-month restriction of liberty order and ordered to pay £1000 compensation by Sheriff Craig McSherry. 

Penman could not be sentenced because a report on him was not available. This will now take place on 28th March. 

Depute fiscal Jane Rennie previously told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that both men worked at Amazon at the time of the thefts. 

The company received information that items were being stolen by the two men, helped by another male working in the packing room. 

As a result of this, CCTV cameras were installed to monitor the situation. 

A loss prevention officer was informed that items would be opened up and camera equipment other electrical goods added before the packages were dispatched to Penman’s girlfriend’s address. 

Ms Rennie said the Crown accepted that his girlfriend did not know anything about this. 

The CCTV captured images of Penman placing items inside a package before it was forwarded. 

The loss prevention officer and human resources staff spoke to Hughes and Penman and they admitted their involvement in the thefts. 

Penman said the third male had “developed the technique” and was “the driving factor behind the thefts”, added Ms Rennie. 

The depute said the stolen items had an estimated value of £4000 to £5000.

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