Elderly couple violently attacked by drunk in Fife pub



A frail, elderly husband and wife were both assaulted and knocked to the ground in a Fife pub. 

They were attacked by a drunk who then spat on the man and poured drinks over the couple, both in their 70s, as they lay on the ground having been knocked over. 

Andrew O’Donnell also assaulted a barmaid during an incident described as “absolutely appalling” by the sheriff who jailed him. 

O’Donnell (33), formerly of Russell Street, Lochgelly, but recently living in Methil, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. 

He previously admitted that on 11th May at The Cleikum Inn, Martin Crescent, Ballingry, he assaulted Laura Maxwell, acting in the course of her employment, seized her by the body, pushed her against a storage area containing glasses and pinned her body against it. 

He also assaulted James McCann, then aged 72, by seizing him by the body, pushing him, causing him to fall against a machine and then on to the floor, repeatedly poured liquid over him as he lay on the floor and spat on him, all to his injury. 

He also admitted assaulting Janet McCann, then aged 70, by seizing her, throwing her to the floor and repeatedly pouring liquid over her as she lay on the floor, all to her injury. 

Depute fiscal Alistair McDermid said that at around 10.30pm the elderly couple were the only customers left in the pub until O’Donnell arrived in an intoxicated state. 

He sat down next to the couple as he knew them but after a period there was a fall-out and O’Donnell grabbed Mr McCann by the shoulder. 

When the barmaid asked O’Donnell to leave the pub he grabbed her and pinned her against the bar. 

Mr McCann then shouted for him to let her go and O’Donnell pushed him against a gaming machine and he then fell on the floor. 

Mrs McCann tried to help her husband and she was also thrown on to the floor. 

O’Donnell then picked up the couple’s drinks off the table and poured them over them as they lay on the floor. 

He then stood over Mr McCann and spat on him. 

The barmaid phoned the police but O’Donnell was still not finished. He went behind the bar, picked up a bottle of soft drink and poured it over the couple, still on the floor. 

Local people “aghast” at the incident had later helped police track down O’Donnell to a nearby flat, added the depute. 

Defence solicitor Chris Sneddon said his client had moved out of that area following the incident and was now living in Methil. 

“He has no recollection of it but is appalled by his behaviour. He’s moved from the area and is no longer taking alcohol,” he added. 

Sheriff Craig McSherry told O’Donnell, “This was absolutely appalling behaviour.” He jailed him for 15 months. 

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  1. Howart says:

    This is sick makes me angry wish I were there I would never of let this happen you respect the elderly what a coward to do this I’m glad he got his sentencing RAT hope he gets his karma

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