Drug dealer snoring in dock brings court to a halt



Loud snoring from the dock by a convicted drug dealer brought a busy court to a halt.

Dozy David Forkgen, a 37-year-old heroin addict and supplier, slept through proceedings as his solicitor claimed he was doing well on a drugs testing order.

For around 15 minutes, the defence solicitor James Moncrieff and the sheriff debated legal issues, apparently unaware that Forkgen was snoozing in the dock.

He was slumped to the side with a police officer twice trying to rouse him.

The discussion went on with the sheriff studying reports, Mr Moncrieff passionately making his case and Forkgen fast asleep.

However, when he tilted his head back and began snoring loudly, Sheriff Charles MacNair brought proceedings to a halt.

“Your client seems to be really excited by what’s happening here,” he commented, ordering Forkgen to be taken to the cells.

The addict later claimed he was not under the influence of drugs and was simply feeling “tired”.

His forty winks in the dock will now be followed by 160 days in jail.

Forkgen, of Robertson Road, Dunfermline, admitted that on 15th July at Queensferry Road, Rosyth and at Dunfermline police station he was concern in the supply of diamorphine.

He also admitted that on 15th July in Queensferry Road, he drove a car while unfit to drive through drink or drugs.

Depute fiscal Claire Kennedy said Forkgen had been spotted apparently speeding by a police patrol shortly after midnight.

His car was stopped and officers spoke to Forkgen.

The depute added, “They formed the opinion he’d taken drugs as his speech was slow and slurred. He was almost falling asleep as they spoke to him.”

Forkgen was taken to Dunfermline police station where he was searched and found to be in possession of 23.6 grams of heroin.

Defence solicitor James Moncrieff said the guilty plea was made on the basis that he was supplying heroin to fund his own habit.

He said his client’s life had been “extremely chaotic”. He had been placed on a drug treatment and testing order which was revoked and he was then put on a new order.

“It hadn’t been a complete success at first but he’s now making good progress,” claimed the solicitor, before being interrupted by the snoring.

When Forkgen returned later, Mr Moncrieff said, “His position is he’s not under the influence of any substances and that he’s just tired. I can understand there will be some scepticism about that.”

The sheriff ordered for Forkgen to be detained overnight and to be examined before coming into the dock the next day to check that he was fit to appear.

When he did return after a night in custody, Forkgen was jailed for 160 days and banned from driving for 16 months.


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