Dog was kicked and “launched” into the air, court hears


A pet dog was kicked and launched into the air during a sickening incident in Dunfermline.

The shih tzu was dragged by Robert Goodwillie who then booted the animal resulting in her landing on the ground with her legs splayed.

The dog was also caused unnecessary suffering by Goodwillie (29) and Levi Bissett (24) at their home in Broomhead Drive, over a three-month period this year.

Goodwillie and Bissett submitted guilty pleas by letter at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

The two of them admitted that between 10th January and 10th April they caused an animal, a female shih tzu dog named Suki, unnecessary suffering.

They failed to provide adequate veterinary treatment causing chronic skin condition, dry eye and overgrown claw issues resulting in complications with her health.

Goodwillie also admitted that at his home on 10th April he caused the dog unnecessary suffering by dragging and kicking her, launching her in the air, resulting in her landing on the ground with her legs splayed.

Sheriff Craig McSherry called for reports and for their personal appearance. Sentencing will take place on 17th October.

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2 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    I know what a would give them.Poor poor Suki I hope she is no longer suffering.
    Hope judge throws the book at them.
    I can’t say what I want to say as I would be in Court next.

  2. Eileen Louden says:

    Why would anyone do this to a poor defensive animal shocking 😢😢😢

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