Baby-sitter jailed for four years for sex abuse on young girls


A Fife man, who carried out years of sickening sexual abuse on two young girls he was supposed to be looking after, has been jailed.

Robert Brown (63), from Ballingry, admitted the offences against the girls, one only being seven-years-old when the abuse began during baby-sitting.

He would go into the bathroom when they were having a shower before going to bed.

A sheriff and jury trial was scheduled to go ahead at Dunfermline Sheriff Court before Brown submitted guilty pleas.

When he returned to court for sentencing he was jailed for four years by Sheriff Craig McSherry.

An extended sentence of 12-months was imposed for the period after his release back into the community. He was also put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Brown admitted that on various occasions between December 2000 and December 2004 at three addresses in Ballingry and Lochgelly, he used lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards a girl then aged eight.

He also admitted that on various occasions between December 2004 and December 2005 at two addresses in Lochgelly he used lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour towards the same girl.

Brown further admitted sexually abusing a second girl on various occasions between January 2001 and January 2006 at addresses in Ballingry and Lochgelly.

He placed his hands inside her clothing, touched her body and watched whilst she was showering. This girl was just seven years old when the abuse began.

Depute fiscal Alex Piper told the court that Brown had regularly been left on his own baby-sitting the girls.

The abuse started with him standing behind the first girl and placing his hands inside her clothing.

On one occasion when the girl was aged ten or eleven he entered the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back while she was taking a shower.

He told her to touch herself and then he touched her. Brown would give the girl money after the acts occurred by placing it in her bra or trouser pockets.

The abuse continued until the girl was 13 when she was able to start avoiding him by leaving the house if he appeared.

The abuse came to light when the victim disclosed to her partner what had happened to her and police became involved. They also spoke to the second girl.

She was abused by Brown in a similar fashion from when she was seven until she was 12 when she too started to avoid him.

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