Woman attacked by vicious teenage mob at bus station

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13 Responses

  1. joan whyte says:

    oh i do hope they get locked up for that assault

  2. Bryan John Morgan says:

    So somebody needs to ask the Police why they took so long.

  3. B says:

    What is the world coming to

  4. Tracy says:

    Disgusting and more so that they won’t name and shame the little idiots. What else is disgusting is that no one helped this poor woman. Really shocking and hope the people that watched this and did nothing feel very ashamed.

  5. Ronnie England says:

    They should be birched in public

  6. susanferris says:

    Have to agree wi Sherriff mc hair.dini understand how people. Watch this happen n done nothing iwheres their human instinctif a had been their ad a fkn smashed them .thats what bullys need a gid doing .ad have done it gladly.

  7. Guardian says:

    Why with the police station only minutes away from the incident did it take them so long?
    It’s going to come to the point, that members of the public, like me, will intervene and if provoked possibly end up assaulting these individuals to aid a vulnerable person.
    Where would I stand then?
    Is it reasonable, if assaulted by these scum of society, to retaliate in kind to protect a vulnerable person?

    • Joe says:

      Great comment a kid threw a stone and cracked my windscreen I caught up with him and held him while I phoned the police and was told I had better let him go as I would be charged arghhhhh crazy world

  8. Arlene kyle says:

    I hope in latter life this never happens to one of the children you never know what’s round the corner poor lady hope they all get there just deserved nasty wee basterds

  9. John Macdonald says:

    Police would have been trying to catch motorists doing 1mph over the speed limit. This brings in income, unfortunately coming to the aid of a vulnerable individual doesn’t. Not the fault of Police Scotland in any way but the Scottish Government.

  10. Steven says:

    Think police Scotland should get there finger out there backsides and do there job

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