Thief who targeted primary school is banned from Fife


A Glasgow thief, who broke into a Dunfermline primary school and stole a laptop, has been ordered to stay out of Fife. 

Appearing for custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court was 39-year-old James Dorward, who has a “long and varied” criminal background. 

He admitted that on 18th May he broke into Milesmark Primary School, Rumblingwell and stole a laptop computer. 

His ‘not guilty’ plea was accepted to a second charge that on the same day he broke into the Crossford post office and pharmacy in Main Street with intent to steal.  

Dorward, who was previously living in Fraser Avenue, Inverkeithing, has now gone back to live with his mother in Lasswade Street, Glasgow.  

Sheriff Chris Shead commented, “He has a long and varied record including crimes of dishonesty.” 

The court was told the stolen laptop was recovered. 

Defence solicitor Gordon Martin said, “The court may take the view that custody is inevitable.” 

However, he asked for the sheriff to call for reports and allow his client bail as his mother is seriously ill at home in Glasgow. 

Sheriff Shead agreed to follow this course and allow bail given the “exceptional circumstances”. 

However, he ordered Dorward “not to enter the Kingdom of Fife” until he returns for sentencing on 13th June when he has another court date. 

Last week, Dorward appeared from custody for spitting in a woman’s face outside the Dunfermline court building on 1st February. He will be sentenced for both offences on 13th June. 

The court was told that Dorward has a history of misusing drugs.

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