Intruder found in couple’s bedroom in middle of the night


A couple were shocked to find a drunken intruder lying on their bedroom floor in the middle of the night. 

The culprit turned out to be someone who had been a friend of their children and had stayed in the house for a night about eight years previously. 

The “bizarre” incident was narrated at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

Sean Kennedy (24), of Main Street, Newmills, admitted that on 30th December at Moncur Street, Townhill, he behaved in threatening or abusive manner by entering a house uninvited, entered a bedroom and placed the occupants in a state of fear and alarm. 

He later said he had seen the front door lying open and had gone in to tell them.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said, “This was a bizarre set of circumstances. The complainers are 50 and 55 and know the accused as he was a friend of their own children many years ago. 

“They hadn’t see him for eight years. At that time there was an occasion when he stayed the night with when he said he’d been put out of his house and he turned up with no shoes on. 

“Eight years on this incident occurred on 30th December when the couple were in bed. At 2.30am the female complainer woke up after hearing a noise in the house. 

“She couldn’t wake up her husband and then 15 minutes later heard the same creaking noise again. She decided to get up to check the front door was locked. 

“As soon as she turned on the bedside light she saw the accused lying on the floor at the bottom of the bed. 

“She said, ‘Who are you?’ Her husband woke and the accused got up and ran out. The couple chased after him and they both fell down the stairs in doing so. The accused ran out of the front door.” 

The couple then found Kennedy’s mobile phone lying on the stairs and he was identified from photos on it. 

Defence solicitor Brian Tait said, “It certainly is a bizarre set of circumstances. Mr Kennedy’s position is he had been out drinking and as he walked back to his mother’s house he spotted that this family’s front door was ajar. 

“He said he chapped the door and when there was no answer he went in. He was using his mobile phone as a torch then when he got to the top of the stairs, he dropped it. 

“This must have been a frightening experience for these people. He had good intentions but clearly did not act in the right manner. He shouldn’t have entered the house.” 

Sheriff Craig McSherry ordered Kennedy to pay the couple £300 each as compensation.

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