Fife schoolboy drug dealer’s home raided by police


A 15-year-old drug dealer’s activities were passed on to police after he posted a sales pitch on social media. 

Officers then carried out a drugs raid at the house in west Fife where the boy lives with his family. 

The youth, who is now 16 and cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He admitted that between 20th and 22nd May at his home he was concerned in the supply of cannabis. 

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said a message had been posted by the boy on social media looking to sell drugs. 

He stated, “Get a free bit if you buy 6 grams.” 

A school guidance teacher was told by a pupil that this post was being shared by other kids. 

Police investigated and the youth’s address was identified. A search warrant was granted and then executed at his home when the boy was in his bedroom. 

The search of the property found drugs worth £200, a set of scales, three grinders and £190 in cash. 

Defence solicitor Kerr Sneddon said, “It was a 15-year-old being extremely naïve. He’s from a good family. They live in a nice house.” 

His actions were a “ludicrous message” which was “based on bravado”, added the solicitor. 

He went on, “His position is he didn’t make any money from it. It’s not a drug operation per se.” 

However, when challenged by Sheriff James MacDonald about this, given the guilty plea, the solicitor then conceded, “Yes, it was a drug-dealing operation.” 

The solicitor also opposed a Crown motion for forfeiture of the boy’s mobile phone and iPad. 

Sheriff MacDonald said that before sentencing he wanted to hear more evidence about the boy’s claims that no money was being made. 

A proof hearing was set for 15th August.

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  1. Dorothy Sneddon says:

    Why should there identity be hidden , If there big enough to do the crime, they should do the time

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