Eight months jail term for stabbing her dad


A Dunfermline woman, who stabbed her dad during a drinking session with him, has been jailed. 

Laura Brearley (32,) of Kent Street, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

She admitted that on 28th September at an address in Broomhead Drive, she assaulted Leonard Brearley, by stabbing him on the leg to his injury. 

Depute fiscal Carrie Stevens said, “The complainer is the father of the accused and on 27th September they had been drinking alcohol into the next day. 

“At 4am they became involved in an argument and the accused was acting in an aggressive manner.” 

During the confrontation Brearley was standing over her father who was on the ground and shouted, “I’ll f****** stab you”. 

Another person present helped Mr Brearley to his feet and saw that he had an injury to his leg and blood on his trousers. 

Mr Brearley called the police and said he had been stabbed in the leg. 

He was found to have a 2cm puncture wound when an ambulance attended but he refused to go to hospital. 

Defence solicitor Chris Sneddon said, “She admitted there had been a physical confrontation between herself and her father. She had said, ‘When we drink, we have arguments and have fist fights’.” 

Sheriff Craig McSherry jailed Brearley for eight months backdated to 29th September when she was taken into custody.

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