Drink-driver crashes and wrecks his £10k BMW



Drink-driving after a night out proved to be an expensive decision for a motorist whose car ended up in a ditch.

Sean Johnson’s BMW 1 series, worth £10,000, was a write-off after he crashed it near Kingseat, when more than three times over the limit.

Johnson (26), of West Netherton, Milnathort, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on 29th January on the B912 between Kingseat and Kelty he drove with excess alcohol, 79 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the limit being 22 microgrammes.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said the incident took place at 5.30am a mile north of Kingseat.

A passing motorist stopped after seeing Johnson’s car in a ditch in a field.

The witness spoke to Johnson but did not go too close as there was steam and smoke coming from the car.

The police and ambulance service were called.

Officers had to cut through a barbed wire fence to get to the car which had significant damage to its front.

“The accused had minor cuts and bruises and police noted there was a strong smell of alcohol from him. The accused identified himself as the driver,” added the depute.

Defence solicitor Sarah Meehan said, “It’s a serious charge and he appreciates it’s a very high reading.

“He met up with a group of friends at a nightclub and did not intend to drink. He succumbed to peer pressure and decided to drink alcohol. He foolishly thought he was fit to drive.

“He was the owner of the car which was valued at £10,000 and has been written off. He realises the court will have little sympathy for him.”

Sheriff Linda Smith imposed a 20-month driving ban and a £400 fine.

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  1. fiona hunter says:

    it was witnessed by staff at the home on robertson road and other people waiting on the bus at the time he drove at speed and turned a u turn and hit the car on the same road, then sped off leaving his number plate behind, we were on the bus that passed directly afterwards that the staff used to take the patients down town.

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