Dangerous paedo Luckwill out of Fife and behind bars in Ireland


A dangerous paedophile, who thought he would start a new life in Fife, is back behind bars in his native Ireland.

Last summer we reported that perverted Anthony Luckwill (45) had bought a home in Inverkeithing after being driven out of the Republic.

The predatory paedophile was previously branded “a grave risk to society” by an Irish judge and has a long history of convictions across the UK and Ireland. 

He decided to set up home in Inverkeithing, close to the two schools. His plans for a new life were soon thwarted when locals became aware of their new neighbour’s sordid past.

He ended up being jailed for ten months at Dunfermline for breaching court order conditions.

He complained in court about the media highlighting his presence in Fife and moaned that he would have to sell his new property.

Luckwill is now back behind bars in Ireland after being given a two-year prison sentence at Dublin, with the last six months suspended. This was for breaching court conditions imposed in Ireland.

These breaches included Luckwill presenting himself being involved in modelling because it involved seeking access to children.

Luckwill has a history of claiming to be involved in the production of films.  In1999, he had set up a child acting agency in Kerry. He has numerous convictions for possession of child pornography in Ireland and in Wales.

In July 2012 a court imposed 16 orders against him as part of child protection measures introduced in the Sex Offenders Act 2001. These included forbidding him from posing as a film director in search of child subjects.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that in November 2016 Luckwill approached a woman at a hotel and told her he was involved in the modelling industry and encouraged her to send her two young sons for auditions.


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