Brownies targeted by obnoxious drunk with knife at church hall



A 55-year-old man went to a church hall armed with a knife and a hammer, shouting abuse and swearing as frightened young children looked on. 

Youngsters aged 10 and a group of Brownies were the targets of obnoxious drunk Ewen McEwen, who lives next door to the church hall. 

McEwen, of Kincairne Street, Kincardine, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. 

He previously admitted that on 25th October at Kincairne Street, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner. 

He was repeatedly shouting, swearing, acting in an aggressive manner whilst in possession of a knife and a hammer, struck a pillar with the knife and repeatedly uttered offensive remarks and the offence was aggravated by religious prejudice. 

McEwen, jobless for 20 years, was so drunk he could remember nothing about the incident afterwards.

Depute fiscal Jane Rennie told the court the incident occurred at around 8pm when a group of 14 children, some just 10-years-old, were going into the church hall having arrived back there after a mini-bus outing. 

McEwen could be heard shouting and swearing initially at a group of youths in the street. 

An 11-year-old boy saw McEwen with a knife and ran home to tell his mum who called the police. 

McEwen then turned his attention to the group leaving the mini-bus. 

He started shouting at them, “The church is a pile of s****. What the f*** do you believe in? I’m the devil, f*** God. You’re a load of b*******.” 

The depute went on, “The accused appeared to be quite drunk and acting erratically. He was walking around in circles.” 

McEwen briefly went into his home but came back out and started shouting and swearing at a group of Brownies leaving the hall. 

There was then the sound of loud banging with McEwen seen with a hammer in his hand striking a pillar. 

Defence solicitor John Bain said of his client, “He lives on his own and his property is right next door to the church hall. He’s been unemployed for 20 years and has a serious drink problem. 

“He cannot remember anything about what happened on the night in question. 

“He’s extremely sorry and embarrassed at what he’s done.” 

Sheriff Charles MacNair imposed an eight-month restriction of liberty order.

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