Fife’s history on film: Comrie Colliery 1945

Some of our older readers may be interested in this British Council film made at Comrie Colliery in 1945.

Some may even have taken a starring role in it. The short film will also be interesting to the families of former workers at the pit.

When ‘The New Mine’ was made in 1945, there were around 1000 coal mines operating in the UK.

In those days, just after the war, there was great optimism for the future of the mining industry.

Described in the film as a “pit-head of the new world” which would “stand the test of time”, Comrie had opened in 1939.

It had a workforce of 1400 at its peak and one of Comrie’s most unusual features was a goldfish pond at the pit head.

Comrie Colliery closed in 1986 and the site is now derelict.

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