Woman (67) chases thief down street and gets her phone back


A 67-year-old woman chased after and caught a drug addict who had stolen her mobile phone from a Dunfermline bowling club.

The woman had stopped off at the club on Sunday night to do a couple of jobs when sneak thief Barry Rankine pounced.

He went into the club and stole her phone before running off, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard.

However, the victim was alerted that someone had entered the club and she was soon in pursuit.

Barry Rankine (28), from Dunfermline, appeared from custody and admitted that on 25th June at Priory Lane, he stole a mobile phone.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said, “The owner of the mobile phone is a 67-year-old lady who runs a Dunfermline bowling club.

“At around 9pm she and her husband had gone to the club. They parked the car and she went to do some jobs she had to do. She had left her phone at the door.

“While she was inside, she heard a shout that somebody had gone into the club.”

Rankine then ran off, chased by the woman, whose husband also followed in his car.

“She continued to run after him until he threw her phone down on the ground when she caught up with him. He shouted, ‘There’s your phone’.”

Defence solicitor Gwen Haggerty said, “There’s been a drug difficulty behind the offending for a long time and it has been getting worse.

“He’s been put out and has been effectively living on the streets. He has been on a methadone prescription for a number of years.”

Sheriff James Williamson called for reports and imposed a home curfew on Rankine from 9.30pm to 7am until he is sentenced next month.

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