Two jailed for assault on Dunfermline bar manager


Two men have been jailed for a “sustained and vicious” assault on the manager of a Dunfermline bar. 

The victim was attacked, knocked unconscious and then had his head stamped on during the course of incident, causing severe injury. 

David Robertson and Scott Simpson appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing. 

Robertson (34), of Pentland Terrace, Dunfermline, previously admitted that on 21st December 2016 at Tappie Toories, Kirkgate, whilst acting with others, he assaulted Colin Harrower by punching him on the face, causing him to fall to the ground and thereafter repeatedly punched him on the head and body, repeatedly kicked and stamped on his head, rendering him unconscious, all to his severe injury. 

Scott Simpson (25), of Oswald Avenue, Grangemouth, admitted the same charge.

Simpson also admitted that he assaulted Joseph Graham by repeatedly attempting to punch him and kicked him on the body. 

Sheriff Charles MacNair told them, “You were in a public house and had been asked to leave for whatever reason. You came back in and then both of you carried out a sustained and vicious attack on the manager. 

“Assaults of this sort on members of staff are a very serious matter. The manager was trying to do his job the best he could when he was subjected to this assault which, as I say, was sustained and vicious. 

“It included kicking him and stamping on his head. He was rendered unconscious for a significant time and also sustained a broken rib. 

“I have read the victim impact statement and this assault has had a significant and lasting impact. 

“In your case Scott Simpson you also attempted to assault the bar owner and kicked him. 

“You were being held back and made strenuous efforts to break free then carried out the assault on Mr Harrower. You can be seen on the CCTV pushing your way through to get to him.”

Robertson was jailed for two years and Simpson sentenced to 32 and a half months.

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