Three years and two months sentence for serial offender



A Dunfermline man has been jailed for three years and two months for a lengthy catalogue of offences. 

Christopher Taylor was given the chance to stay out of jail with community payback orders and a restriction of liberty order but breached them. 

Sheriff Craig McSherry told Taylor, “You’ve been a consistent and persistent offender throughout most of your adult life. You have a particularly nasty attitude towards the police force.” He jailed him for 38 months. 

Christopher Taylor (30), of St Andrews Street, was sentenced for a string of offences he had previously admitted and breaching court orders. 

On 24th October last year at Don Road he resisted two police officers in execution of their duty, tensed his body, refused to walk and tried to strike out with his legs. 

On 25th January at Turkish Pride, Pilmuir Street, he shouted, swore, acted in an aggressive manner towards a paramedic assisting him and threatened to kill police officers. 

On 7th July at Montrose Crescent, Lochore, he acted in an aggressive manner, brandished a bottle, caused damage to a cabinet, shouted and swore at police officers and caused damage to a police vehicle. 

On 26th July at St Andrews Street, he assaulted his sister Megan Taylor, seized her by the neck and body, threw her to the ground and fell on to her, all to her injury. 

On 17th August at Dunfermline police station he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, making inappropriate comments and threats to police officers. 

Defence solicitor Sarah Meehan said, “The common theme is the excessive consumption of alcohol and has limited recollection about most of these offences.” 

The only incident he could recall was the assault on his sister, when he again intoxicated. The court had heard his sister returned home from a funeral and found lying sleeping at the front door. 

When she tried to wake him up she was assaulted. 

“He was so drunk he could not get his door key out of his pocket and didn’t realise it was his sister who was shouting at him,” said the solicitor. 

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