Thieves stealing from cars and homes during heatwave


Thieves have been taking advantage of the heatwave to sneak into homes and vehicles across Fife.

Three unlocked vehicles were entered in Kirkcaldy, Kinghorn and Crombie. Over £2,300 worth of tools, plus £300 cash, were stolen.

In Methil, a thief entered a house through an open ground floor window while the occupant was out.

In this incident, items including jewellery, a purse, a three-figure sum of cash, a child’s piggy bank and a teddy bear were stolen.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Cunningham said, “Thieves tend to be opportunistic so please take simple precautions, such as ensuring that vehicles are always locked when you leave them, that your home is fully secured before you go out and that valuables are kept out of sight.

“With the good weather, these criminals know that people will be enjoying the sunshine in the back garden with the front door left unlocked and may leave windows open due to the heat. It can take under a minute for someone to enter your home, take the nearest valuables and leave with them.”



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