Terrified boy (13) attacked by drunken thug as he walked home


A 13-year-old schoolboy required hospital treatment after an unprovoked attack as he walked home in Dunfermline.

The terrified victim was kicked and punched by drunken thug Josh King, who knocked him to the ground and only stopped when a woman heard the boy’s screams and went to his aid.

King (21), currently a prisoner at Perth, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on 7th June at Gordon Terrace, Dunfermline, he assaulted the boy by seizing him by the throat, threw him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him on the head to his injury.

Depute fiscal Claire Bremner told the court, “The complainer was 13-years-old at the time and was walking home from his girlfriend’s house in Abbeyview. He went through the Rex Park and was walking in Gordon Terrace at around 8pm.

“He became aware of the accused who was leaning against a vehicle speaking to someone inside.

“He had no top on and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol as he was unsteady on his feet.”

The boy continued to walk along the street towards his home when King crossed the road.

“He walked towards him and without any provocation attacked him. He grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground,” said the depute.

“The complainer was extremely alarmed and began to scream, ‘Please stop, please stop’,” the depute continued.

A woman working in her office nearby heard the shouts and screams and looked out into the street.

“She saw the complainer being thrown to the ground and curling up into a ball. He was shouting ‘stop’ repeatedly as he was being kicked at least three times to the face.

“She was concerned for his safety and ran outside to try to offer assistance. The accused fled when he saw her running towards him.”

When the woman went over to the victim she saw he was “covered in blood, with a significant amount of bleeding from his face and mouth and he appeared to be in shock,” said Ms Bremner.

“The woman was able to establish that the boy lived nearby and she took him home where his mother was told what had occurred and contacted the police.”

The victim was initially unable to tell the officers much because of his injuries and he was taken to the Victoria Hospital.

He required stitches to a face wound, had a severely swollen nose and one of his front teeth had been dislodged.

The victim later showed the police King’s Facebook profile and identified him as the assailant as did the woman who went to the boy’s help.

Photographs of the victim’s injuries were shown to Sheriff Charles MacNair.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said his client had admitted his guilt from the outset but “doesn’t remember the incident at all.”

The sheriff called for reports and King will remain in custody until he is sentenced on 22nd August.

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