Stolen car abandoned in Fife after fireball death crash



A stolen car involved in a horrific incident, in which a man died in Edinburgh, was later found abandoned in Cowdenbeath.

The deceased man died after his car caught fire following a crash caused by the driver of a stolen vehicle in Edinburgh in the early hours of this morning.

The victim was at the wheel of a Peugeot 206 which was struck by another car which had to swerve to avoid the stolen Audi A3.

As a fireball erupted the driver of the Audi stopped briefly then drove off and the car was later found in Fife.

Police said a 25-year-old man, a 22-year-old woman and five-year-old girl were travelling in a BMW which collided with the deceased driver’s car. 

The man’s body was discovered after the blaze was put out by fire crews.

The driver of the stolen car sped off after the smash which happened on the A902 at Maybury Road at about 12.30am.

The grey Audi A3 was believed to be travelling in convoy with a silver hatchback.

The Audi, which had been stolen from the Liberton area of Edinburgh on 17th April, was later found abandoned in Lochgelly Road in Cowdenbeath just before 4am.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Grainger, of Police Scotland, said they believe they know the identity of the man who died in the Peugeot and are supporting his family.

He said, “At this time we believe the stolen Audi A3 has been driven in a dangerous and reckless manner, which has caused this collision to take place in which a person has died.

“Those within this vehicle have then failed to stop and it appears they have thereafter travelled into Fife.

“We have dedicated significant resources to this inquiry and while we have now recovered the Audi, the driver and anyone else within the car are yet to be traced.

“As part of this investigation we are keen to know if anyone has seen the stolen Audi A3 being driven in unusual or suspicious circumstances in Edinburgh or elsewhere since 17 April 2018.”




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