Scarred brother in knife attack then threatened to stab him again



A Fife man, who stabbed his brother with a knife and then months later threatened to do it again, has been jailed.

The offences were carried out by Liam Stewart (32), from Dunfermline, against his brother Jamie, who lives in Kirkcaldy.

Following the knife attack, Stewart made phone threats to his brother that he would give him another scar and would happily spend time in jail for stabbing him.

A sheriff told Stewart he would “no doubt be happy” as he was jailed for 18 months.

Stewart, currently a prisoner, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on 31st July last year at Law Road, Dunfermline, he assaulted Jamie Stewart by striking him on the head with a knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

He also admitted that on 14th March, having previously appeared on petition on a charge of assaulting Jamie Stewart with a knife, he repeatedly sent voice messages to him, repeatedly made threats of violence towards him and threatened to assault him with a knife.

Defence solicitor Martin McGuire said the brothers had a “turbulent relationship” and the initial assault occurred following an evening of alcohol consumption.

Their father travelled from Edinburgh and Jamie Stewart joined up with them. There was “a significant altercation” which ended up to damage to Liam Stewart’s home, including to the TV, before the assault.

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Stewart, “You assaulted your brother with a knife causing a significant laceration to his face and resulting in permanent scarring.

“After you were released on bail you then decided to phone your brother and effectively threaten him with further violence saying you would match the other cheek, you would put him down and would happily lie in jail knowing you had stabbed him.

“The only appropriate sentence is a custodial one so no doubt you’ll be happy with that disposal.” He jailed Stewart for 18 months, backdated to 3rd April when he was remanded in custody.

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