‘Runaway prisoner’ fails in new bid for freedom



A prisoner, who sparked a man-hunt in Fife last week after escaping from custody, today tried to persuade a sheriff to grant him bail. 

Arran Swift (33),  appeared in private on petition at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

Swift was at large for more than 24 hours after running off from Dunfermline police station, before being tracked down in Kirkcaldy. The extensive search included the use of a police helicopter. 

Swift, who faces three charges, was unsuccessful in his bid for bail.

He is accused of assaulting a GeoAmey prison transfer officer on 19th August, whilst in custody at Dunfermline police station. 

It is alleged that whilst handcuffed, he pulled his arm across his body, causing the officer to fall to the ground, pulled the handcuff off, causing the worker to be dragged along the ground, all to his injury. He then ran away and escaped custody and attempted to defeat the ends of justice. 

He is also accused of sending threatening messages to two former partners, entered a property uninvited and threatened to kill children. 

Swift made no plea, was fully committed and remanded in custody by Sheriff Charles MacNair.



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