Parents taking their kids home from school targeted by drunken thug



Parents taking their children home from school were challenged to a fight by a drunken lout, staggering about the street. 

Kyle Wrens, from Glenrothes, then tried to stop traffic in Lochgelly by standing in front of cars and asking drivers to fight him. 

His drunken antics took place when most of those present in the street were children or elderly. 

Wrens (29), of Brodie Court, appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. 

He admitted that on 14th September at High Street, Lochgelly, he behaved in threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, pursuing people and challenging them to fight, smashed a bottle on the ground and stood in front of moving vehicles, challenging drivers to fight. 

He also admitted failing to turn up for a previous court hearing on 6th December. 

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said the incident began at around 3.45pm when parents were accompanying their children home from school. 

One parent speaking to a daughter was confronted by Wrens, a complete stranger, who said, “I don’t like the way you’re speaking to me.” 

Wrens then rolled up his sleeves and started dancing around as if he was in a boxing match. 

He began shouting at other passers-by and then tried to stop cars, challenging the drivers to fight. 

Wrens then went to a bus stop and asked one of the people waiting there to fight him, before smashing a bottle of Buckfast on the ground. 

He was shouting, “Do you know who my dad is? I’m just out the jail.” 

He continued in challenging pedestrians and drivers to fight him. 

Ms Yousaf went on, “Given the time of day, most of those in the street were children or elderly people.” 

A police vehicle was flagged down by concerned members of the public and when they found Wrens shortly afterwards he was unsteady on his feet and acting aggressively. He was arrested and taken to Dunfermline police station. 

Defence solicitor Ian Beatson said, “He had been consuming alcohol with a friend and blacked out. He remembers some sort of altercation then waking up in police custody.” 

Sheriff Craig McSherry jailed Wrens for eight months.

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