Neighbour from hell jailed for death threat


A Dunfermline man, who threatened to kill his neighbours, has been jailed for ten months.  

Ian Bowie (58), of Izatt Avenue but currently in jail for another offence, had previously been ordered by the court not to contact the couple. 

Bowie was jailed earlier this year for an assault in a Chinese take-away. He spat on a female worker after becoming upset when someone called him ‘Mad Bowzer’. 

He was due to be released on 24th December but has now been given more jail time at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for his offences against a man and woman living next to him. 

He previously admitted that on 17th August last year, at Izatt Avenue, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and making threatening gestures. 

He also admitted assaulting the man by attempting to strike him on the head. 

He further admitted that on 25th August last year he breached bail conditions not to contact the neighbours by repeatedly striking their letter-box, shouting and uttering threats of violence and abusive remarks. 

Depute fiscal Jane Rennie told the court that at 9pm the couple were returning home when they saw Bowie at his living room window. “He was making gestures of slitting his throat and he was heard shouting ‘f*** off’.” 

They contacted the police and then at 2am the couple were in their block of flats when the accused ran down the stairs and swung a punch at the male which failed to connect. 

In the second incident, the couple were sitting in their home watching TV when Bowie started battering on their letter-box shouting, “I’m going to kill you.” 

When cautioned and charged by police, Bowie replied, “I was never near their front door.” 

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Bowie, “You’ve got a very bad record.” He jailed him for 320 days.


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