Jailed for slashing ex-partner’s new boyfriend


A Dunfermline man, who slashed the face of his ex-partner’s new boyfriend with a knife, has been jailed.

Jordan Clampett (24), of Beath View, was sent to prison for 31 and a half months for the vicious assault when he returned to Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

The incident took place on 9th June 2015 at Nith Street, Dunfermline.

Clampett previously admitted assaulting a man by striking him on the head with a knife to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement. The offence was committed while Clampett was on three bail orders.

Depute fiscal Alex Piper previously told Dunfermline Sheriff Court, “The complainer was in a relationship with the former partner of the accused.”

The couple were in bed in the morning of the incident when stones were thrown at the windows of their house by Clampett.

The female told him to go away before her boyfriend put some clothes on and went to the front door where “words were exchanged”, added the depute.

“The accused made a slashing motion cutting down the left side of his face,” said Ms Piper.

The victim felt blood on his face and went inside where he saw the extent of the injury in the bathroom mirror.

He received two wounds to his face covering an area of six to seven inches.

The female then contacted Clampett on his phone telling him of the injury and that he had “nearly taken his eye out”.

The victim was taken to the Victoria Hospital where he required eight stitches to be inserted in his face and he will be left with a permanent scar.

Ms Piper said police were unable to trace Clampett between June 2015 and June 2016.

Sheriff Charles MacNair jailed Clampett for 31 and a half months and also imposed a 12-month supervised release order.

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