Fife teenager attacked friend with sword and crowbar after fall-out


A Fife teenager became irate when an overnight guest urinated in his cupboard.

Darrin Reid, armed with a sword and crowbar, ran down the street after his friend, who was struck with both weapons.

The friend outstayed his welcome after urinating in a bed and then doing the same in a cupboard.

Reid, now 20, of Halbeath but currently in custody, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He previously admitted that on 15th March last year, at Pittsburgh Road, he assaulted his friend by repeatedly pursuing him, striking him on the body with a sword, striking him on the head with a crowbar, repeatedly brandishing the sword and crowbar, all to his injury.

He also admitted being unlawfully in possession of a sword.

Depute fiscal Claire Lumsden previously told the court that the pair had been drinking together and went back to Reid’s home.

Reid woke up at around 7.30am to find his friend was urinating in a cupboard and had also wet the bed they were sharing.

“Why are you peeing in my room?” asked Reid, who then grabbed a crowbar and an ornamental sword.

Reid chased him out of the house and began hitting him with the crowbar in the back garden.

The victim, with blood on his face, jumped over a fence and shouted to a neighbour to call the police.

Reid then hit his friend with the sword, which broke on impact.

The friend ran into the grounds of Lynebank Hospital and flagged down a car. He was taken to hospital in Kirkcaldy for treatment to cuts to his head and leg.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett told the court, “The complainer urinated in his wardrobe and also on Mr Reid when staying at his home.”

He added that the two were friends but “have had their ups and downs”.

Sheriff Charles MacNair sentenced Reid to 13 and a half months in detention, to be served consecutively for his current custodial term, which was imposed last week for an offence involving knives.


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