Fife pensioner (83) targeted in £13k phone scam


An 83-year-old Glenrothes man has been targeted in a phone scam.

The victim was persuaded to transfer around £13,000 via a bank card reader after a bogus call from someone claiming to be from his bank.

The caller told him that numerous illegal transactions had been made on his account and his money had being stolen.

The fake call persuaded him to transfer money to the fraudster’s account.

Fortunately, thanks to an intervention by a relative, the bank were able to stop the transaction.

Sergeant Kirk Donnelly said, “Your bank will never call you to discuss discrepancies with your account nor will they or the police ask you to transfer money as a safety precaution.

“These criminals claim to be from legitimate organisations and try to frighten or pressure people into revealing personal details or banking information.

“If you receive a call of this nature, it is a scam. Please do not comply with the caller’s request. Hang up and contact police, preferably on a different phone.

“Never give out any of your personal information to a caller. Do not immediately call back the number of your bank as requested by the caller.”

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