Fife man jailed for brutal street assault on schoolboy (13)

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  1. Lorraine Thompson says:

    This man is a vile piece of excrement, what he did to that wee boy is disgusting, was played down a bit by the courts, cant remember doing it, well why admit to it, oh that’ll be because there were several witnesses, admitted to the crime immediately, don’t think so went on the run for nearly three weeks, extremely remorseful bulls**t !!! Smug look on his face getting taken up for sentencing not so smug getting taken down. It has been a long time coming but Josh King still has not had a sentence that befits his crimes, woman beater and child abuser, feel free to show my comments, if any other children and women are spared the abuse of this evil evil person then I will be a happy person. I am actually disgusted at the people who protected him and hid him while a child was cowering in fear. It is only this week that the child has ventured out and has returned to school, vital loss of education, words escape me !!!

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